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Information Space 0.6.1

InformationSpace is a causal set exploration tool. A causal set is basically a set of simple rules that define the relationship between bits in a space time. A common example of this is John Conway's game of life. I use the term InformationSpace to encompass space, time, causal rules, and initial conditions together as one. An information space is the structure of bits in a static space time, as defined by the causal set rules and initial conditions.




In this image we see a 3D space time visualization of a classic r_pentomino using John Conway's Game of Life causal rules. Y is up towards the sky and is the time dimension. This visualization is done using Open Croquet
Click here to see visualizations created using the older Balloon 3D API
Click the image to see a 1D visualization using some of the simple rules found in Stephan Wolfram's New Kind of Science.

This causal set is defined as:
Causal Rules: Game of Life
Initial Conditions: R Pentomino
Space time: Three dimensional (2 dimensions of space, one of time).

InformationSpace allows you to set some initial conditions, attach a set of causal rules, and render a space time into a log file, which you can then view with the visualizer. Currently only 2 space dimensions are supported, 3D space will be supported in a future release.

If you find InformationSpace useful or interesting, please consider donating to help fund further development.

Questions, Comments? I can be contacted at brian_tabone@yahoo.com