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We are driven by three goals:

1.~ Write great software that makes our customers lives more enjoyable and productive.
We strive to write elegant, robust software that solves problems for our customers, making their work and lives more enjoyable and productive. We work to solve those problems which are properly addressed in software. We are platform agnostic because we realize that our customers are committed to their own businesses and not any particular software platform.

2.~ Further the best practices within our industry.
Software writing is engineering, and solid engineering happens within the framework of well thought out practices. Softcentral's goal is not to try every new technique and idea, but to learn from the evolution of practices that has occurred in the past 20 years in this industry, and to add to that evolutionary process. We commit to writing software that reflects the best practices, and when we can, to further the progress of those practices. In order to remain true to our commitment to write great software, we must focus on our engineering practices and processes.

3.~ Support our community.
The software field is a very social field, a community full of committed engineers passionate about their work. So many people have given so much of their time and brainpower to deliver incredible tools which help to make all of our lives better. BSD, Linux, Apache, Samba, XFree86, GCC, just to name a few. These tools form the foundation on which much of the internet and other computing infrastructures run on. Softcentral feels that it owes a debt to this community. In order to live up to this debt, Softcentral is dedicated to producing and releasing open source tools, alongside our commercial software, that we feel will help our fellow developers in their own quest to write great software. We feel by doing so, we give back to the community that has given so generously to us.


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